The Single Man

Produced by L2g Productions & Hui-Shan Yong

Directed by Gabrielle Adkins

Starring Gabrielle Adkins, Hui-Shan Yong, Maggie Alexander, Kate Herman, Marilyn Caserta, Maria Mogavero, Elizabeth Poleski, Nicole Narro, Sara Duplancic, Mahima Saigal, Lukas Weichert

In this all-improv spoof of The Bachelor, Covid 19 will not stop the 10 most available women from looking for love in 1 Single Man. Don't miss the romance, the shocking twists and the internet lag!

Type A

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Produced by Molly Powers Gallagher, Emily Hartford, Hui-Shan Yong

Written by Molly Powers Gallagher

Directed by Emily Hartford

Starring Molly Powers Gallagher, Hui-Shan Yong

Two actresses grapple with what it's like to live parallel lives with their out-of-the-box identities while trying to have a career in an industry that dictates that they fit in the very claustrophobic box that seems resistant to evolving.



Produced by L2G Productions

Created by Gabrielle Adkins, Hui-Shan Yong

Directed by Gabrielle Adkins

Starring Hui-Shan Yong, Maggie Alexander, Kate Herman, Monica Arsenault, Emma Gutt

Jenny, a young actress, feels her health decline just like her on-screen character. She fights for survival while questioning whether the cause is supernatural or if its "all in her head".



Produced by Listen To The Dog Productions

Written and Scored by Gabriel Barreto

Directed by Eliot Routh

Cinematography Kevin Dynia

Starring Hui-Shan Yong, Zachary Guttman, Shay Bares, Yarin Brosh, Rob Leo Roy

An abusive acting teacher, the actress suffering his ire, and an opportunity to break a vicious cycle.